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We are an international group of renowned designers, artists, journalists, photographers and publicists, recognized for our extensive experience and gusto in promoting Turkey and Turkish culture worldwide.

Eser Turan

Eser Turan

Founding Director

Eser Turan is the director of all Turkuaz projects and operations. She received her bachelor's degree in Architecture from Istanbul Technical University and her master’s degree in Design from U.C. Berkeley. Turan brings 8 years of professional architectural and interior design experience in the US, as well as project design and management expertise to Turkuaz. (www.eserturan.com) She also works as the director and brand manager of our in-house marketing company, Ajans 869, which since 2011 offers services as a branding agency for artists and businesses in the International Turkish community, promoting Turkish businesses worldwide.  (www.ajans869.com)

Suzan Revah

Senior Editor

Suzan Revah is the Senior Editor of Turkuaz Magazine. A first generation Turkish-American from an extended Turkish-Jewish family, Revah is originally from Washington D.C., but currently lives and works as a San Francisco-based writer and editor. Among her favorite ways to stay in touch with her Turkish roots – aside from traveling to Turkey as often as possible- are learning to cook the traditional recipes of her mother and aunts, studying belly dance and dabbling in henna design. She offers creative consultancy services (www.suzanrevah.com). She is thrilled by the opportunity to stay in touch with her journalism roots by contributing to Turkuaz.

Gabe Kirchheimer


Gabe Kirchheimer has worked for many magazines and newspapers in the U.S. and around the world (www.gabekphoto.com). Through a chance meeting with editor Eser Turan, he became interested in contributing to Turkuaz, and in renewing his link to Turkey. His Sephardic Jewish grandfather, Joseph Levy (changed from Halevi at Ellis Island), was born in İzmir, and used to tell him of the city’s beauty, and of how his rabbi father would play chess with the priest across the street. As a musician, Kirchheimer had special interest in photographing Ilhan Ersahin, proprietor of club Nublu.

Erem Tapa

Multimedia Designer

An expert in multimedia design, Dinc Erem Tapa has received extensive education in graphic design, visual communictions and the arts from Bilgi University. Having worked at various marketing agencies in Turkey, including a two year position as the creative director of MSN Turkey. Erem Tapa is fluent in English, French and Turkish and plays the trompet, zither, guitar and percussionos. The son of famous Turkish caricaturist Ibrahim Tapa, he is a web guru with graphic abilities that range from animation to film production. (www.eremtapa.net)


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