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We take pride in presenting Turks and Turkey with best of flair.


In 2002 we started off with Turkuaz, a cultural publication that responds to the the growing need of the Turkish Expat community in the US. Many were looking for ways to present themselves, their identity and culture in the US, in reaction to the post-9/11 stereotypes most immigrants from the Middle East suffered from.

In its 7th issue, Turkuaz received nationwide distribution in the US and received 70% sales success at Barnes & Noble and Borders in 33 states and 130 prominent bookstores, next to Time and Newsweek.

Over time, Turkuaz reached a wider audience on the web, in the format of an online video-magazine, publishing news for International Turks, and enlisting vlogs of Turkish Expats around the world.


Anatolia Tours
Anatolia Tours

Anatolia Tours


Every tourist in Turkey knows that a land as rich in heritage and culture as the one in Anatolia has a lot to share with the world, especially online, in this age of internet.

With this idea in mind, we designed a comprehensive media source to present the best tours and to showcase the best insider information for all to enjoy.

Anatolia Tours is a great resource, setting the visitor on their potential trip to Anatolia, custom-designed for the 'tourist experience' in Turkey.


Kybele World
Kybele World

Kybele World


Promoting Turkish culture involves recommending music, events, countless videos and feature films that present anything and everything one wants to see, hear and learn about the culture in Turkey.

Before the age of smartphones and social media, such media presentation however was not easy on an online newspaper, and definitely not feasible in a magazine publication.

Thus, our mission to promote Turkey in time took on the shape of Kybele World, which is our online TV channel, bringing you all the video bound representation of life in Turkey.


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